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Trick seo for Bing

Bufoli - Bing is one of the top search engines discussed in this year. The search engine made by microsoft who replaced his elder brother, MSN search. Until now Bing has become one of the google a powerful competitor. Microsoft claims that the bing has a different concept from other search engines.

During this time, we do search engine optimization (SEO) tend to use google as a benchmark standard SERP position throughout the search engines. usually, if the position good SERP in google, then in Yahoo would be nice. But not necessarily for Bing. With Bing, we seem to be doing a different approach.

How seo techniques to bing? Here the authors describe in the following points:

1. Keyword   in the domain
In google, even though your domain name different from 360 degrees to the keywords you target, never the possibility to remain in first position in SERP. But instead of bing, key words contained in the domain address will determine your position on search pages.
2. Domain Age
Domains that have been outstanding will be easier at the top position compared to new domains.
3. Backlinks
Same with other search engines, backlinks remains a primary key.
4. Anchor Text
Never missed to use keywords as anchor text of your choice.
5. Page Title
Keywords in the Page Title will greatly affect the position in the search results page bing.
6. Internal Links
In addition to counting the number of words in each post, Bing also uses an internal link to calculate the density of keywords.
7. Size of content
A post with a number of words between 600 words will be easier to be in the top SERP.

There are many other helpful tips that can help increase the SERP, but seven seo techniques is the most useful and most easily carried on. All the above tips is really very simple and with this simple technique, you can bring in visitors that big.


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