BUFOLI: the place for thousands of monkey Escape for the Merapi eruption the place for thousands of monkey Escape for the Merapi eruption | BUFOLI

the place for thousands of monkey Escape for the Merapi eruption

After rumored that the wild animals at Merapi nearly destroyed all, turned out to thousands of wildlife species of monkeys on the slopes of Mount Merapi in Boyolali district, moved across to the slopes of Mount Merbabu.

monkeys have been evacuated from the slopes of Mount Merapi. According Parto (80) residents Blumbangsari Hamlet, Samiran Village, District Selo, Boyolali regency, Central Java, on Thursday (11/11/2010) explains, hordes of monkeys on the slopes of Merapi animals are often seen crossing the street to the slopes Merbabu.

According Parto, hordes of monkeys Merapi is lightly browned, move to the slope Merbabu for allegedly running out of food due to the impact of volcanic ash. The monkeys were probably also due to overheating due to temperature Merapi spewing hot clouds that often today.

"The monkeys were moved to the slopes Merbabu seen since this past week. The monkeys to cross the main road route Selo-Magelang and after it goes into the slope Merbabu still available food for the animals," said Parto revealed, as reported by antaranews. com.

Slamet Sutanto (40) a device Village whole observatories, Selo, explains, the monkeys that roam the outskirts of many along the way Selo-Magelang. Creatures that, too many who cross the street to the slopes Merbabu.

According to Slamet, plant vegetables and fruits on the right side of the road which still exists already sold out by the monkeys spent it. Plants were completely damaged, apart from the impact of volcanic ash, and also because the animal was an ape.

Residents who return home to see his house of refuge, sometimes shocked many monkeys hanging on a shack in the middle of fields and trees affected by volcanic ash.

Head of National Park Mount Merbabu (BTN-GM) Boyolali, Dulhadi, justifying the move a lot of ape habitat Merapi (exodus) due to run out of food stocks.

According to him, the monkey could also exodus due to the temperature on the slopes of Merapi is still hot, so they are swarming the area looking for a cooler temperature.

Nevertheless, it will immediately take coordination to cope with the exodus of these monkeys in a way led back to their habitats.

According to him, monkeys crossed over to the slopes Merbabu actually not a problem, because the food supply in the area was still a lot.

However, he said, the problem habibat Merapi and Merbabu different monkeys. Because, every bunch of monkeys have their own group. If the monkey broke into the slopes of Merapi Merbabu, for a fight between two groups. "Monkeys who will win control of the area," he revealed.


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Filmbagus said...

Ada monyet yang dievakuasi ke prabumulih gak? Denger - denger prabu kan hutannya masih lebat tuh, pindahin ke sana aja hehehe

admin said...

Ada tuh..banyak lg..malah ada monyet impor dr cina..kagak pernah mandi pula tuh monyet cina nya..hahahaha

sawali tuhusetya said...

hmm ... satwa saat ini sudah makin banyak yang punah, termasuk monyet. bisa jadi lantaran itu tanda2 alam pun jadi makin sulit didapat.

suan said...

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