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How to Keyword Analysis With Google Trends

BUFOLI - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an armored battle for a blogger, therefore the entire understanding and skills needed to master it. thousands of dollars will come when the science of "magic" can be controlled by a blogger.

SEO is a series of systematic processes to increase the volume and quality of traffic / blog visitors coming from search engines, by utilizing the working mechanism of the search engine algorithms. So there is no other purpose of SEO is to make your blog a big chance to occupy the front page and top of search engines, then they will visit your blog more search engine users.

Search engine algorithms are complex and require high expertise, in fact there are still factors and conditions that are not identified so that the SEO is still a mystery. From the experiences of bloggers elder then several steps can be done, at least as an effort to achieve better rankings in search engines. The important thing among others:

* A good domain name
* Hosting a stable and uptime> 99%
* Keyword Selected

Keyword is one important factor in SEO, so this post is more focused on the theme of how to do keyword analysis with google trends. And selected the right keywords in your blog it will enable easy emerged first page of search engines. Now the question is how do we choose the right keywords so that it can be a stimulant and fishing line to attract search engine users?

OK, let me focus then let Google's search engine to target. To be able to acrobatics fun in the hunt and analyze the keywords to google the choice is to use a service that is prepared google Google Trends.

Google Trends is not a trend like the name it bears. The service is still less popular with Google Analytics lainyaitu facilities (other times we try to discuss). I think actually to do Keyword Analysis using Google Trends is more precise than using Google Analytics, because the result is trend-style keyword search engine google.

By using Google Trends you can see the level of the desired keyword search based on distribution of State. The result would be distribution maps google search engine users based on the State.

For example, if you want to maximize keyword orgasm, with Google Trends can we know which country enginenya users search more often looking for keyword orgasm. As a result we can shoot the keyword for the preparation of the blog with the right target market, for example, must place the server where, what domain name, what language to use, etc.. OK so I hope this brief explanation helps.


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