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14 tips about posting

bufoli - Postings (writing) is one important factor of success of a blog. Easy to read posts that will help visitors understand what the inscription. No matter how great your writing, if not made in good structure, it will be difficult to read visitors.
How to make the structure easy to read visitors post? Here are 14 tips that is my personal experience.
1. Sources Reveal posts. Are these postings from your personal experience, your online search results, posting a translation of the English language, excerpts from the writings of others, and so forth. By express, your blog visitors will feel respect for you.
2. Create a short paragraph. Generally consist of 3-5 sentences. If your paragraphs long-term, visitors will quickly get bored and tired.
3. Create sub-title of the posting (if required). Usually this form of key points that you want to describe. If you use wordpress, well-used subtitles using Heading 3 format.
4. Use numbers or bullet points. This is ideal if you describe an example of no more than 5 pieces.
5. Create a table. This is suitable for explaining an example or a list of more than 5 pieces ..
6. Insert an image that matches or interesting. Avoid excessive use of images (usually no more than 3 pieces). This could be a photo of your shots, pictures from the internet, cartoons, or animation. In this blog, I now prefer to use animation.
7. Use of the popular grammar. Avoid using words that are not understood by common people, such as local language, slang, and foreign language than English.
8. Try posting not too long. This is usually not more than 1,000 words.
9. Bold, tilt, or give an appropriate color for a few words that you consider important. This will allow readers to identify those words.
10. Create a link to related article. This related paper to the writing that you may have or writings of others. This will help readers to learn more topic you are reviewed.
11. read your posts before they are published (publish). This is to identify the flow of writing or typing errors that are not disconnected between paragraphs.
12. Use a typeface that friendly and pleasing to the eye, such as Verdana and Arial.
13. Minimize advertising in posts
14. Text and background color of the blog should be matched.


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alfan said...

nice post.... i like it. i'll try.

Johanes djogan said...

nice post gan n_n

Dhana/戴安娜 said...

salam sahabat
for this many many tips about posting there is one is importance is HOW TO BE GOOD POSTING WITH GREAT MIND ok kan???

admin said...

all...thanks for comment

Ge-Books | Gallery Ekspresi said...

Nice tips and trick, i will apply this to my blog

Gieterror | Download Software Terbaru said...

nice info
wahhh keren nihh sobb templatenya...
enak dilihat nyaman di pandang..

admin said...

@ge book and @gieteror...thanks gan

Denny's blog said...

its good post,
thanks ...


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