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Where Can I Find Tutorials Or Guides On Scrapebox Software?

Q. Hey,
I recently purchased the seo link building tool called, "Scrapebox" but I'm having trouble figuring out how to properly use it. I'm looking for a guide that can show me the basics and then teach more more advanced features.

Does anyone have any recommendations???
PLeaseeee someone help!! *confused*

A. Hmm I've been through about 3 different guides and video tutorials and the best I've found were from http://www.scrapeboxtutorials.com
The videos weren't super long and boring like most and my success rate has gone up big time after learning the proper way to use Scrapebox.
You can also check out youtube for Scrapebox Tutorials or join Scrapeboxforum.com
Both have excellent resources for Scrapebox
I'm looking to start a new site that offers tutorials mainly for new Android users.?
Q. I thought Yahoo! Answers to be a perfect place to ask for some feedback. The site is currently in the works as well as the tutorials but I've managed to upload a couple of sections in the meantime. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. www.learn2android.com and then select either Nexus S tutorial. Feel free to use the feedback and share form within the tutorial as it would be a great opportunity for me to test it. Thanks!

A. Honest feedback:
It looks cheap.
You have alignment problems, learn2css.
The Flash is cool, but needs some refinement.
I'd ditch the free template for a real software platform. Wordpress would actually make a nice platform for this.
Other than that, it looks like a good effort, and certainly a good learning experience. SEO the hell out of it and see where it goes.
Where do I go to get a full, easy to understand information and backgrd about Search Engine Optimization?
Q. Would like to understand all that is involved with SEO. I read about Pay Per Click, lots of fraud, meta data files, need additional web content pages, content writing, page ranking, etc. Anyone have any idea of time and costs associated with all these various requirments? Sure seems confusing!

A. The sources that imisidro gives above are all good (except the keyword density tool which is useless). The problem is, as you say, that most sources are confusing and a little overwhelming. Not only that but the forums in particular will often contain conflicting advice, misinformation and always have a high proportion of 'noise'.
There are however two reliable and up to date resources, both from experts and designed for those just starting out on the SEO discovery. They are http://www.seomoz.org/beginners.php and http://www.seo-blog.com/tutorial.php
And one last piece of advice, please remember there are no shortcuts in SEO and it is actually quite hard work!
Good luck!
How to grow in search engine optimization field?
Q. I'm new comer to the SEO and i am working as a search engine optimizer but i can't able to learn the genuine techniques and process on the web can you help me out on this?

A. If you want to be the best SEO Professional, participate to SEO forums, there's no harm on asking and read some articles there just to educate you on how SEO works. There are some techniques that you can found only to some users that have the most experience than reading some SEO tutorials on the net and only learning basic SEO techniques.
Where can I get Free SEO tutorial resources?
Q. I would like to learn more about SEO unfortunately I don't have the finances yet to purchase an e-book. I was hoping you guys could help me find the best FREE resources about SEO?

A. Ingore all the spam above, below is a great FAQ on a fourm for SEO, should be helpful to a new webmaster.
Will having a Tutorials and how to video section as well as a blog section on my website help with seo?
Q. I am trying to increase traffic, increase my PR and get higher ranking for my locksmith company. My website is tailored for the consumer, but if I create an independent website with videos and tutorials on locksmithing, then link it to my company page, will that help? How about a blog? Which is better?

A. Yes, it will help. This is called link-baiting. You create a resource guide about your topic in the hopes that other will link to it.
You could put it directly on your site, though...no need to build a second website.
You could even do yoursite.com/blog and publish the help guides and videos there.
Good luck!
How do I find an online mentor?
Q. My site is set...SEO is not my major concern, although both can always be worked on.
I need direction for off site popularization of my site. Someone in the know to recommend the best places for my articles, who can get me interviews, coach me in the details of popularizing my blog.
I can certainly figure out these items, but a mentor/coach would save me a tremendous amount of time.
How do I find such a coach?

A. There are plenty of tutorials on Article Marketing that will cover the strategies for employing article directories as backlink sources, a quick search should yield lists of article directories. Common considerations, who gets first publisher credit, your own site or a top ranked directory (probably ezinearticles) Some only accept unpublished pieces leading to the second issue, do you use software spinners to generate second rate rewritten versions that can be passed off to other directories as original works and may dodge the search duplicate content issues.
It may be more valuable to get invited to write a guest post for an important blogger, making insightful comments about their posts might be a way in.
As far as Mentoring, that can be very expensive, depending on the success and celebrity of the coach. One compromise is joining a private forum where experienced folks may be more willing to share, http://www.sixmonthsfromtoday.com is one with a monthly fee, the War Room is another possibility. Stompernet included some coaching time with their monthly membership, originally $800/mo, now membership including access to their huge library of tutorial material is about $197/mo and might include some coaching time.
Some possible sources of experts:
http://www.guestfinder.com/ more than 200 authors listed, who might be anxious to be interviewed.
Said to be the biggest Biggest Q&A site: http://www.allexperts.com/ has a categorized directory of experts, not sure if they are accessible for interviews.
http://www.experts.com/ Probably expensive consultants, they pay >= $250 to be listed
http://www.expertclick.com/ Certified and informal experts directory
What is the best blogging platform site?
Q. I'm looking to start an art blog with my work, tutorials and time lapse videos. I made a tumblr, but it looks more like the myspace of blogging rather then something taken seriously (could be wrong :/ ) I heard wordpress is the best. Should I switch from tumblr to word press or somewhere else?
For which ever site you recommend, what are some tips to drive traffic to said site?

A. You definitely want to go with your own hosted version of WordPress on your own domain name! This will cost you about $50 a year but it well worth it.
If you are serious about your website then you need to own your own domain name so you own your site.
If you want good traffic to your site you need to do the things that are going to appeal best to Google. Among these are a domain name based in keywords your audience is already using to search for what you have, as well as a site designed to be search engine friendly. Between the fact that WordPress sites rank very well there are also a number of plugins available to help you with the SEO of the site.
Lastly in order to succeed at getting traffic to your site if need to be relevant and current. Having a blog on your site to go along with your other social networking is one of the primary keys to getting traffic to your site.
How do I create my own business website? How should I start? What should I do to get better?
Q. I have a little bit of C++ experience.
I'm wondering what languages I should learn.
What tutorials are good.
What's a good compiler to program in.
How do I upload the page(s)?
Where do I get a domain?
How do I make it secure?
Should I make my own servers or just rent space?

A. Hi,
The best websites today are created with CMS programs such as Wordpress. They are installed on your host which means you can work on your website from anywhere without special programming languages. The site is SEO optimized by Wordpress. You should get a web host first and the web host gives you your domain free of charge.
I help people get started with this and I dont charge, you can contact me if you want more information.
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