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Bob Ross and Google Doodle

bob ross joy of painting
News of today's most interesting or popular Google homepage is about the Google doodle today even celebrate 70th birthday of a painter and a TV star named Bob Ross.

Today's doodle Bob Ross presents a feature on the front of the horses, equipped with a painting of "G".

Ross is a man who grew up in Florida and at the age of 18 he started painting after joining the Air Force in Alaska. After he started many countries been able to venture into the early 80's, he developed his talent with a TV debut with The Joy of Painting, in the years 83 through 94.

Aluna music that is able to anesthetize for every ear to listen, and give ketenagan the audience, Bob Ross became a pop culture icon of the class. the reference is to a show like Family Guy, Conan O'Brien, and The Boondocks. MTV also be the place to do promotion for his works.

Over the age of someone walking off Bob Ross died of cancer in misery, and he die from in 1995.


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