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behind the suicides han chae won

Two months after the suicides committed by actress Han ChaeWon, Korean media continued to seek the truth behind theincident. on October 10 last, the show MBC 'Music Plus'dedicated an episode about the circumstances surrounding the incident.
As reported previously, he left a message through themini-homepage, which states, "I want to stop this torture. I want tostop crying. "After that, he hanged himself in his apartment on 25August.

The police claimed that he suffered from stress and depression caused by competition in the Korean entertainment industry.Actually, he had received previous treatment due to depression, and during the treatment, he said several people claiming to be amanager of several entertainment companies to sue thousands of dollars over several times. One of them will be disclosed evenif the actress's mengorbitkannya willing to give him $ 80,000USD.
Han Chae Won despair in his quest to be famous is alsorevealed by the fact that he changed his name three times in hopes of getting lucky with his new name.
Unfortunately, after all the effort he did, he felt not enough. Aftertelling a friend that 'nothing can be trusted again in this world', hecommitted suicide in her own apartment.


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