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Mount Shin-moe in Japan erupts

Bufoli - A volcano in southwestern Japan continues to explode with vomit lava as high as 2,500 meters on Thursday (27 / 1). Volcanic ash and rock of Mount Shin-moe Kirishima mountain flying up to 15 miles away. Buildings and windowpanes shook very hard. Today, the mountain is otherwise idle bersatus three.

Japan Meteorological Agency said that this eruption was the largest eruption since 1988. "People were asked to stay away from the area of Mount Shin-moe. They were also asked to remain in the home, and be aware of the volcanic ash that spewed out." meteorological agency said an officer who did not want to be named. Mount Shin-moe reportedly erupted since Wednesday (26 / 1) morning.

Kirishima mountain range is famous for its natural beauty, hotels and hot spring center also spread in this region. Caused by the eruption Shin-moe, this region also had deserted from the visitors. Public fear of aftershocks that will occur eruption of the volcano spewed out.


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