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4 februari for iphone 4

Bufoli - Largest telecommunications operator in the U.S., Verizon Wireless finally confirm if the latest series of iPhone will be available in early February.

Launched by Cellular News, Wednesday (01.12.2011), telecom service provider company that already publishes presence iphone 4 on their official website. Unfortunately Apple's new smartphone will be available for their customers only through online purchases on their sites using 'first come first serve'.

The official website mentioned, the new Verizon customers as well as long to buy their products at the Apple store since 10 February. Verizon acknowledges collaboration with Apple to make the new iphone has been going on for two years.

iPhone 4 that is bundled with the Verizon network runs on CDMA and EVDO Rev. A. This 4 iPhone can support video calling service owned by Apple. Unfortunately though sophisticated, iphone 4 is not compatible with Verizon's LTE network.

The price offered by Verizon for the iphone this 4 was almost the same as the previous series, approximately USD199, 9 to 4 iPhone 16GB capacity and under contract for two years. IPhone Buyers 4 also welcome to have an iPhone 4 without a contract. Of course, with prices relatively more expensive.


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