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Bufoli - kinds of business on the Internet by using your blog or website
1. PTC (Paid to Click)
PTC is one of business on the internet where every member of the PTC will get paid if you do click on a particular ad and look at these ads for some time. Value of income if the member to click different, depending on the provider PTC but the average per-click ads will obtain valid 0.01 USD.

2. PPC (pay per click)
PPC is a business method via the internet in which the members of PPC will be divided into two types, namely Advertiser and Publisher. Advertisers are people who advertise their products via PPC provider. Advertiser will pay the PPC provider in accordance with the number of clicks generated by visitors on the ad. The amount of costs that must be paid by the advertiser per click vary, depending on the PPC provider. While the Publisher is the person who placed the ad on his web site is provided by the PPC providers. This publisher will earn money if the ad was posted on the website is clicked by visitors to the website. So here, Publisher must have used the website to display ads from PPC providers. The amount of revenue this perklik Depending too different from the PPC provider. Examples of PPC providers are GoolgeAdsense, AdsenseCamp, kumpulblogger, and others.

3. PTR (Paid to Review)
PTR is a business method via the internet where members PTR will get paid if the member is to write a review about a product that has been determined by the provider of the PTR and the text approved by the provider of the PTR. Pay depends on whether good reviews and also depends on Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Rank, etc from the member website. So here, the member must have a website Google PageRank beforehand with at least 2 in order to become a member PTR. Examples of providers are Sponsoredreviews PTR, Blogsvertse, etc..

4. PTU (Paid to Upload)
PTU is a business method via the internet that offers paid to members if the files are uploaded by its members be downloaded by others. So actually Providers PTU will provide advertisements on where the files are uploaded, so that later people will download the file to read the ad. Here PTU providers will get paid from advertising and PTU members will get paid if the file has been uploaded didowload by a number of people with a total download providers required by PTU.

5. PPS (Pay-per-Sale)
PPS is a business method via the internet where members of PPS will also sell goods from the provider of PPS and then if the goods are purchased from the affiliate links are posted on the web member, the member of PPS PPS will get paid a percentage of the value of the price of the goods.

6. CPA (Cost per Action) or also known as CPL (Cost per Lead)
CPA is a business program where members will get paid if the member recommends someone else through the referral link provided in the provider from the members to undertake activities in the site organizer, such as filling out the form or what actions will be undertaken visitors on the site organizer.

7. CPM (Cost Per Mil) or also called PPT (Pay-per-Thousand) or PPI (Pay per Impression)
CPM is a program that provides fixed income to its members for 1000 ad impressions displayed on the website members. So here was not required clicks.


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