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get backlink from forum

Tips getting backlinks from forums:

1. Post on related topics. Make sure your posting is interesting posting because it's make your become popular in the forum. Always leave a small link your website in the signature.

2. Post a lot. If you post your article in the forum and then leave a small link your website, so it's mean you get lot backlink. Remember don't make same link if you want leave a small link your website. Always doing comment in the your post, make interactive communication with your reader.

3. Always active – It is best to keep your account active so that people know that you are always trying to help out and give great information on the site. Make sure you never just say "nice post" or "thanks for the info" you always want to add to the topic at hand.


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Perpustakaan Antropologi said...

Nice post.... i will try it thnks :)

Revalvellian's Blog said...

ikutan ahh..nice post jg..abis ga ngerti pake bahasa inggris..maklum orang dusun..hihihiiii


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